In Our Prayers

Linda Tanguma, (Ester Zavala’s mother) recovering from surgery in Austin.

Al Larsen, (Susie Swaner’s brother-in-law) in ICU for blood clots in his lungs.

Wyllie Keefer, (Jan French’s sister-in-law) recovering from foot amputation and associated symptoms.

Jarrod Robertson, (staff member Vickie Robertson’s, husband) recovering from mild stroke and waiting for PFO procedure.

Erin Messersmith, (former member) recovering from two heart attacks in Austin.

Barbara, (Sam Sterrett’s niece) having severe back and foot pain.

Sandra Stern, waiting on test results from 5/20.

Teena Smith, (Carolyn Pott’s cousin) recovering from surgery and waiting on pathology report.

Al Poling, hospitalized with severe abdominal pain.

Sue Groudle, recovering from a hip replacement surgery.

Jack Morrison, Jr. (Jack Morrison’s son) in VA hospital for complications with failing kidneys and possibly other organs.

Covid-19 Family Members & Friends:

God, we ask for people who need Your loving touch because of COVID-19 to feel Your presence and  feel Your power of healing.  Take away the fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from people receiving treatment or under quarantine. Give them a sense of purpose in pursuing health and protecting others from exposure to the disease. Protect their families and friends and bring peace to all who love them. 

Navajo Nation in Arizona (request by Nancy Mehlert) covid-19 cases, Pinon in great need for supplies & groceries.

Healthcare Workers &  First Responders:

We pray for Your guidance to the doctors and nurses when deciding how to treat each patient, especially those with underlying medical conditions and that they will have wisdom and empathy when conversing with the patients’ family and loved ones.  We pray for the physical health and well-being of these healthcare workers and first responders.  Health care workers, especially those working in hospitals, that may be working 12-hour shifts, day after day.  Many of them are physically exhausted, and the virus consumes their thoughts. We pray they have endurance and strength in the days and weeks ahead and their immune systems remain strong so they will not contract the virus.  We pray for their mental fortitude and encouragement.  With no foreseeable end to the crisis, and with all indications pointing to more positive tests, it is easy to become discouraged. Pray that those on the front lines would fight discouragement and find joy amidst their work.

Karen Vannauker, (Dave Vannauker’s sister-in-law) St Mary’s Hospital – L

Karen Vannauker, (Dave Vannauker’s sister-in-law) St Mary’s Hospital – Langhorne, PA;  

Alice Gies, (Jenny Vannauker’s sister) San Francisco General Hospital – San Francisco, CA;  

Dr. Travis Crook, (Dub & Ginny Crook’s son) Vanderbilt Hospital Pediatrics – Nashville, TN;  

Susan H. Earle, (Sandi Earle’s daughter-in-law) James A. Haley VA Hospital – Tampa, FL;  

Dr. Bill Gummelt, (Jim Gummelt’s brother) Mosaic Hospital – St. Joseph, MO;  

Dr. Brooke Swearingen (former member) – Memorial Herman;  

Dr. Brandi Olson-Milmo (former member) – UT Health Center;  

Jessica Hunt, (Carol & Tim Hunt’s niece) NICO RN, Children’s Memorial Hermann – Houston, TX;  

Jen Keifer, RN – Boise, ID;  

Dr. Matt Scott – ER – Boise, ID;  

Jessica Spalding, ICU RN – Iowa City, IA;  

Jacob Ward, Cardiac Unit Biomed Engineer – Memorial Hermann Hospital – Houston, TX; 

Dr. Bill Hakeos, Henry Ford Hospital – Detroit, MI;  

Brenna Ellington, RN – Sioux Falls, SD