Doran Woods

Doran grew up down a dirt road in a small home above the flood plains of Bodcau Bayou near Shreveport, Louisiana. While He was very young, His parents committed to live their lives for Jesus and joined a local church. His parents being newly committed to their faith encouraged Doran and He gave his life to Jesus on his 8th birthday kneeling down by the side of his bed with his father. When Doran was just an awkward looking sophomore in High School, he started his first band as a lead singer. A few years later, at 18 years old, he got his first guitar and began playing in different christian rock and worship bands like Quest Worship Band at Houston Baptist University, Minister Mudd, Jared Miller Band, and Laden. Doran continued to grow as a musician and follower of Jesus and began to lead worship for churches and ministry events as well. Before joining our staff in January 2017, Doran led worship for many churches in Houston including: Second Baptist Church in Kingwood, Houston’s First Baptist Church, First Baptist Church Kingwood, Bear Creek Baptist, Bethel Baptist Church, Ecclesia Houston, and many others. His goal is to always and primarily encourage others to authentically worship the Lord, not just singing songs, but living a lifestyle the gives glory and honor to the Jesus the Liberating King. 
Doran holds a Master of Arts Degree in Theological Studies as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Christianity and Communications from Houston Baptist University. Doran’s has been married to his wife Emily for over 15 years and they now have 2 daughters and 1 son, all named after characters and actors from their favorite TV Show, Lost. Doran currently spends his weekdays working at an IT firm called Solerant, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee that helps churches and non-profits with information technology. He is also the Creative Director and Producer of Unique Student Ministries, a ministry that holds a student conference and local mission projects each year for lower income youth. Doran fosters positive relationships wherever he goes and looks forward to spending his life serving our local church and community for the sake of Jesus.