Session votes to be the “Home” Church for a new ECO church plant in Brenham, Texas
Session has voted to become the sponsoring church for a new ECO church plant in Brenham, TX.  Further, the Session endorsed opening a mission designated fund titled: Pioneer Mission Community – New Church Plant to receive donations from outside FPC-Kingwood and unsolicited donations from within FPC-Kingwood in support of this missional outreach project. Additionally, the Missions Committee has voted to underwrite this missional outreach, commencing in 2019 from available mission designated funds. 

Funds received into the new Pioneer Mission Community – New Church Plant designated fund will be preferentially used for this purpose.  Thanks to the congregation’s continuing tithing to FPC-Kingwood missions from our operating budget, we do not need to ask the congregation to separately fund this initiative.  Missions has historically supported church planting projects in both Peru and the USA, this one happens to be much closer, and is something our church can directly engage with in numerous ways! 

“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,  fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”
Hebrews 12:1-2 (NIV)
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Who Are We?
Pioneer Mission Community is a new church plant that is making plans to launch in the Fall of 2019. With Pastor Mark Renn as the organizing pastor, this vision for a simple, Kingdom minded community has been developing for many years. Pastor Mark has worked in a number of different churches of varying sizes and has discerned a call not only to plant new churches, but more specifically to plant new kinds of churches and missional communities.  

Throughout his ministry career, Mark has always been an innovator, developing new ministries, creating unique ministry partnerships, and preaching the Gospel in a way that resonates in the hearts on believers and non-believers alike.

What Makes Us Unique?
Pioneer Mission Community is not a typical church. Although we will prioritize and value Kingdom growth and disciple-making at this heart of our vision, it will look very different from most current manifestations of ‘church’ in ECO.   We will have a simple worship service on Sunday evenings, followed by a community dinner.  During the week, will will offer opportunities for Bible study, discipleship and fellowship at our historic downtown Brenham location. Our plan is to develop a storefront business, BBQ restaurant and icehouse serving beer and wine.
As we invest in the downtown Brenham community and build relationships through the business and smokehouse, we will invite people to become a part of our worshipping and missional community.

Why “Pioneer”?
At Pioneer Mission Community, we believe that God is calling us to reclaim the pioneer spirit within the church. A fresh expansion of the Kingdom of God happens when leaders and disciples fix their eyes upon Jesus, and boldly follow where He is leading.

As disciples and disciple-makers, we realize that everything we need for salvation and transformation comes through Jesus, who the author of Hebrews calls the “pioneer and perfector of our faith.” This notion of Jesus as a pioneer comes from the Greek word, archegon, which is literally translated to mean “a first leader.” Jesus led the way to salvation by becoming our Sacrifice, Savior and Lord, and He beckons us to follow. Once we embark on a journey to follow Jesus, He promises to complete the good work He starts in our life. As our pioneer and perfector, we understand Jesus to both initiate and complete the work of transforming our lives.The namesake of our missional community pays homage not only to the American pioneers, but serves as a reminder that as Christians, we are called to be a community with a common goal, belief in a shared vision and a willingness to support one another and even endure hardship for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

This unique vision for church planting was revealed to our church on October 7th, 2018.
Listen to Pastor Mark share this vision, in his own words ,using a scriptural foundation for entrepreneurial church planting.

October 7, 2018 – 9:00 Sermon from FPC Kingwood on Vimeo.