Adult Ministries

Sunday morning classes at FPC-Kingwood are a great way to grow in your faith and connect with other members. You’ll be encouraged in your walk with Christ and supported as you live out your life as a disciple.

Connections Course
Those interested in joining FPC-Kingwood can attend a 3 week Connections Class Course which is offered several times throughout the year during the 11:05 service. To register contact Mark Smith in the church office by phone at 281.360.5555, or by email: [email protected] 

Present Word (Chapel) Leader: Dub Crook [email protected]
This is the only universally taught adult class in Presbyterian churches and is used concurrently by reformed congregations around the globe. Over a six-year cycle, we explore the entire Bible. It is as relevant today as it was from the ancient history of the Patriarchs to the time of the disciples’ ministry. The lessons are formulated so that they build on a theme but each also stands on its own – allowing anyone to join in at any time. Lecture format with class discussion and participation encouraged.

Conversation (Bell Choir Room) Leader: Terry Kett [email protected]
The Conversation class covers topics selected by the class that are aimed at improving our individual faith journeys. Topics range from issues in the news to those involving a multi-week series. A strong biblical perspective is considered by the class at all times. Adults and teens are welcome. To build companionship, the class periodically goes out to lunch after Worship service and celebrates the Lord’s birth with an annual Christmas party and dinner.

Grace Notes (Conference Room) Leader: Mike Duncan  [email protected]
Meets from 9:45 am to 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. We are easy to find … just listen for the sounds of engaging Christian fellowship! Weekly, we have open (and lively) discussions about God’s word and how various learnings from the Bible and the music we sing impact our journey to be followers of Christ. We have a wide variety of ages and Christian experience which we leverage to help us all apply our values to daily living! All are welcomed.

Kindred Spirits (Parlor) Leader: Ben Trammell [email protected]
Topics include the early years of Christ, the parables and miracles and Christ’s trials and resurrection. This class consists of comprehensive Bible study, church history and theology, with lively conversation. Teaching is shared among various members, although it is not a requirement.

Pathfinders (Rm 201-202) Leader: Jake DeLap [email protected]
The class is composed primarily of singles, young married couples, and couples of young children (elementary and middle school).

Providence (Rm 215) Leader: Lori Tatum [email protected]
This class is attended by parents with elementary age kids, to teenagers and beyond. It is a class and an experience that will deepen your relationship with Christ and with fellow Christians.